Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Through A Canvas Digitally

Follow me on my journey through the vast digital landscape. Outposts where I head out driven by reason or the lack thereof...whatever, its an experience, and as someone said - Life isn't about waiting for the storm to's about learning to dance in the rain!

Click here to visit my Facebook Profile. Facebook. The leading social networking site in the world. With over 300 million members Facebook is a tremendously popular social networking site. Its massive reach provides compelling opportunities to connect with customers, both current and future, through fan pages, news feeds, groups, and throughout the site. Click here to visit my Facebook Profile.

Twitter has very quickly become a popular platform for consumers and advertisers alike. For brands looking to communicate with customers in real time, the micro-blogging service is a great way to carry on conversations in 140 or fewer characters. Follow me on Twitter.

Visit my YouTube Channel. YouTube is the most popular video sharing site in the world. Whether you are a business or an individual, a well executed video with the right title and content, can have huge viral impacts for your brand, especially if your video reaches the most viewed pages. Here are some of my videos - shot and edited by me.

All my photographs, on Flickr. Flickr is an image and video hosting website, web services suite, and online community. In addition to being a popular website for users to share and embed personal photographs, the service is widely used by bloggers to host images that they embed in blogs and social media.[2] As of October 2009[update], it claims to host more than 4 billion images. To view my photography, click here.

For when I want to publish my work! Here is something that could do with more usage. Scribd is an underutilized tool for those looking to make documents, ebooks, or other content more shareable. A free account on Scribd gives you the ability to share documents across numerous file formats, which can be a great marketing tool. Check out my published documents here.

My Blog - for when I get the urge to exercise the left part of my brain. This is where I put in stuff that makes up the real world. To do this I use WordPress, a very good publishing platform. Its got a good focus on aesthetics, web standards and usability. And its free. Visit my blog You, Me & the Rest of the World.

Random Precision, for when the right part kicks in. This is no less a trip, an enchanted one that I find terribly exciting, exhilarating, and absolutely worthwhile. And to those non-believers I say go find a very high wall and climb it. And having climbed it look for a lake, and having found it, jump into it. And if you dont find a lake - jump anyway! To find reason where none exists and turn it on its head, make it disappear, leave them confused as hell - a trip worth trying. Check out my blog - Random Precision.

Setting up a profile on LinkedIn is a good way to go for professional networking,. This is a very effective resource for both individuals and a company. In addition to setting up a basic profile (with a followed link), you can also utilize groups, events, and answers to connect with a large online network. View my profile on LinkedIn here.

My presentations, some of which I have presented, some which are still waiting for the right time. All the same, heres where they reside. SlideShare is a good platform to share presentations on. A strategically tagged and titled SlideShare presentation can serve as a good contact point with customers. Events and groups are also avenues worth exploring for increased exposure on the SlideShare site. View my presentations on SlideShare here.

Saturday, May 31, 2008

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